Easiest way to cook the best pellet smoker ribs

When you think of Pellet Smoker Ribs you immediately evoke thoughts of the Deep South, homemade lemonade and Cajun Cooking, of pork so tender that the meat falls off the bone, as barbecue sauce dribbles down your chin. The intensity of the flavours is like nothing else, and something that people the world over have tried to emulate. The secret of the Pellet Smoked Ribs, is the long slow cooking with lots of smoke that gives the ribs their exquisite and unique taste, the moistness and texture that is unforgettable. If you like a strong smoky taste try Mesquite for a depth of flavour that cannot be equalled, or try Bourbon, Hickory, Maple or one of the many other flavours to tempt your palate.

Secrets of the smoke
The secret to the perfect Pellet smoker Ribs is the long cooking time and high smoke.
These ribs won’t be cooked fast, they need several hours of heat and smoke to give them their flavour. There are many Pellet grills on the market which all promise perfect juicy ribs. What is special about them is that when you turn them on they pass wooden pellets into the fire to ensure a steady stream of smoke – this means no constantly topping up the fire, or poking it to get a better smoke, taking a lot of the guesswork out of the cooking process. It also means you can do other things while the meat is cooking. There are many Pellet Smoker Grills on the market to cater for all budgets. They tend to be large, and need some space around them as they do get very hot. It’s worth factoring this into your purchasing decision. As with many things, you often get what you pay for, and if you want a smoker that will keep on cooking for years you need to go for a solid reliable grill. One thing to remember is that the Grills are not a direct flame, so if you are looking for the “Flame Grilled” taste, you would be better with a more traditional grill. There are grills that offer LMH or Low, Medium and High temperatures. These don’t tend to get good reviews as their temperature can vary, and cause uneven cooking. More popular are the ones with varying temperatures. There are over ten manufacturers of Pellet Smokers so you will be spoiled for choice and you will always be popular when you make your Pellet Smoked Ribs. In fact, Pellet Smoked Grills are one of the hottest trends of the last few years. People can’t get enough of the moist, juicy smoky goodness. The grills are versatile so you can grill, fry, smoke, bake and use a frying pan on the grills, and although you don’t get as strong a taste as with traditional smokers, you also don’t get the over smoked taste, for great tasting food, look no further for a good pellet smoker . For a wildly popular product, there are only a couple of negatives, the pellets aren’t cheap and the parts do need replacing from time to time. Overall, an innovative and exciting development, that allows you to grill and go.

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