Unknown Facts About cordless strimmers Revealed By The Experts

How much do you know about your cordless trimmer aside from the mere fact that it operates without the use of electrical cords?

The fact that these trimmers have no cords means that they come with a touch of convenience to the user. However, there are some untold facts about these trimmers so read on to find out what the experts have to say.

Fact #1 – They Come With No Radius Restrictions

Looking at cordless strimmer reviews, as we have seen do not have extension cords attached to them, which means your range of motion is not impaired by these cords.

As it were, this has an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that you can trim a very large radius in one trimming session while the disadvantage is that this very freedom may come hamper your efficiency, making it hard for you to concentrate on one given area.

Fact # 2 – They May Be A False Fuel Economy

Many people associate electricity with high utility bills as compared to gas or oil, a fact that is not entirely true. Depending on certain factors such as your lawn circumference and the general price of gas in relation to electricity, you may find that cordless trimmers do not actually save you money in the long run.

Considering the repeated trips you may have to make to the gas station to purchase oil or gas for them, the overall outlook in terms of fuel economy may actually be grimmer than actually painted.

Fact #3 – A Backup Battery is a Must-Have

Experts advise that in order to make cordless trimmers much more effective, there should be minimal recovery time. As such, they recommend that the best way to go about it is look for rechargeable batteries.

In addition, they advise that in case you need to undertake a large trimming project, you should give some thought to a backup battery so you don’t have to keep waiting for the battery to recharge once you run out mid-project.

Fact # 4 – They Save Fuel When Used Effectively

One thing that many home owners do not know is that cordless trimmers may offer a level of fuel-efficiency when used appropriately. It is important to note that they only drain the battery when you are squeezing the trigger and as such, ensure that as you trim your lawn, the squeezing part is done as effectively as possible so the fuel that is drained from your battery can well be accounted for.

Of course, there are other common sense strategies that also need to be applied in order to save the battery, some of which include starting the equipment when you are as close to the lawn as possible.

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